October 26 - November 1, 2020 | The University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA

Hybrids & Haecceities asks how technology enables, reflects, and challenges established disciplinary boundaries and design practices. Haecceities describes the discrete qualities or properties of objects that define them as unique, while Hybrids are entities with characteristics enhanced by the process of combining two or more elements with different properties.

Hybrids & Haecceities aligns with a fundamental shift away from abstract generalized models of design and production towards custom or bespoke design now possible at an unprecedented scale due to Industry 4.0. This mode of working enables more diverse, and considered forms of embodied, situated means of engagement with the world. Concurrently, the fourth industrial revolution risks unparalleled levels of consumption that will produce profound global effects with significant social, political and economic and environmental impact.

Acadia 2020 invites contributions on how hybrids & haecceities poses new ideas and approaches to design; be these computational, material, aesthetic, robotic, genetic, biological, environmental, or theoretical.

Contact: 2020@acadia.org